amyAmy Davis Roth wants to take over the world. As the owner of Surly-Ramics, a company that makes ceramic jewelry, Amy has made over 18,000 necklaces by hand over the last ten years. The necklaces are made from her illustrations, which focus on topics relevant to science, nature, and critical thinking. Join us as we talk to Amy about:

  • The incredible versatility of ceramics
  • The art gallery that led to bankruptcy and homelessness
  • Her rebound into independent success as a Maker and entrepreneur
  • Getting into Etsy on the ground floor and how her business evolved beyond the platform


“Making is for everybody, you know? Everyone makes stuff, and there’s all different things you can make, and there’s all different ways of making, and it’s about being creative and being an inventor, you know? And I want to encourage more people to get involved. More women, more people of color. Like, everybody. I want everybody to feel the joy that you can feel in creating something and being successful at it.”


“Eventually what happened is I started making more money selling necklaces while I was working at night than I was making in tips.”


“Those necklaces reminded me that I was still an artist, and that you didn’t need to paint something huge to be a painter. You could do something tiny. You’d just do a lot of it.”


“Do something every single day that’s gonna make the business better tomorrow. It can be something small, but make sure every day you’re planning for tomorrow. Because tomorrow, you might not have any sales. Or tomorrow people might forget about you. You have to always be doing something to make tomorrow better for the business. You have to think of the business as your baby.”


“I had that original business – the art gallery – that failed miserably. It was actually a wonderful opportunity for a learning experience for me, because it taught me so much about business. So all those mistakes that I made with the art gallery, I knew not to make again with the second business.”

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