Andrew Thiessen is a stay at home dad, beekeeper, woodworker from Charlotte, NC.

A full-time maker, Andrew spends the majority of his time farming Honey Bees, primarily using wood straight from the local sawmill. Andrew shares a passion for producing new bee colonies, specifically Queen bees, and also he design-builds interior spaces, and wants to educate others about Bee Venom Therapy for Chronic Lyme Disease.

Andrew wishes not only to seek out ways to help others with whatever they do…give away some work as often as you can, but also to inspire others to learn to work within your constraints instead of complaining that things could/should be better.

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  • mcneile3 .

    I’ve always wanted to have a bee hive and had a conversation the week about the subject. This episode was great! Thank you Andrew for sharing! It’s nice to know some guys want to do the right thing for that purpose and none other. Thanks again Jon!