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Donny Carter

Donny Carter is a supervisor for an airport runway maintenance company from Ocean Springs, Mississippi. A part-time maker, Donny spends the majority of his time creating beautiful turnings, primarily using wood. Donny also finds reward in working with resin. Known […]

John Grimsmo

John Grimsmo is a knifemaker and machinist from Toronto, Canada. A fulltime maker, John spends the majority of his time creating knives primarily using titanium. John also finds reward in working with stainless steel. Known for knifemaking, John shares a […]

Taylor Forrest

Taylor Forrest is known as a maker of modern steel and leather sling-back chairs. With a keen eye for aesthetics but a strong desire for finite projects with clear start and end points, Taylor combined her artist’s eye and her […]

Laura Kampf

Laura Kampf is an artist and Maker from Cologne, Germany. Through her popular YouTube channel, Laura shares projects spanning a number of disciplines, insight on making as a career, and her impeccable taste in music — all beautifully filmed thanks […]

Izzy Swan

Izzy Swan is an incredibly prolific person. Between furniture design, a truly prolific array of YouTube videos, and spending time with his children, Izzy still considers himself “as retired as he’s going to get.” Izzy found success by forging his own […]

Callye Keen

Callye Keen is a product designer with a long manufacturing history and over 200 products under his belt. Coming from a family background in low-volume, high-precision manufacturing, Callye now runs Red Blue Collective, a group that aims to help hardware […]

Curtis Buchanan

Curtis Buchanan makes chairs, but not just any chairs. He makes Windsor chairs the way they have always been made — by hand, starting from logs. A poor student throughout his academic career, Curtis found his passion only after leaving […]

Scott Carpenter

Scott Carpenter’s life is a study in persistence. Early on, he had the idea to make a synthetic baseball glove. That idea remained with him through years of fine art education and other jobs, including one at a big name […]

David Picciuto

David Picciuto inspires through his work. A musician, photographer, videographer, and woodworker, David’s creations are works of art – both the videos and the projects themselves. But David’s life is a series of experiments in careers that didn’t quite fit. […]