How To Use Podcasts To Grow Your Life Coaching Business

Podcasting is a free service that enables people from all over the world to listen to audio files on a podcasting website. Listeners can also save these files to play on smartphones or computers at a later stage.


Why Are Podcasts so Popular?


Podcasts fit perfectly into our busy lives and provide entertainment and information all at once. It allows us to dive deeper into various subjects such as life coaching. Often, we don’t have the time to sit down and read a lengthy blog post but we can listen to an audio version of it during our commute to work and back. And if it’s presented entertainingly, even better.


Podcasts have a personal element to it which creates communities.

It offers a platform where like-minded people can find each other and give feedback. This feedback then leads to new content by podcast producers.


How Can Podcasts Help My Life Coaching Business?


Listening to motivational podcasts creates a sense of intimacy that develops into trust. Podcasts by therapists also help to build brand awareness, trust, and authority among consumers.


You can use life coaching podcasts to reach out to your target audience and tell them about your services and products. At the same time, it can be used as a tool to motivate and educate clients, making it extremely beneficial for both parties.


As a life coach, it’s your job to inspire and encourage your clients. You help them by offering guidance on how to reach their highest potential and to achieve their goals. Life coaching podcasts can simplify your coaching business by teaching your clients fast and effectively.


Podcasting serves as an excellent lead generation tool, especially if your podcasts are fun and informative. Many people will purchase your services and products based on the recommendations of others in the community. Podcasts have the power to increase your clients significantly.


Staying connected to your clients is essential as a life coach and podcasts offer exactly that. While emails are great for communication, podcasts are spam-free. Your clients can download and listen to audio files without having to jump through any hoops. And because it’s portable, it’s within easy reach of all your clients.


Want to reach a larger audience? Life coaching podcasts can help you reach more listeners in less time, thus increasing your client base.


Get better results with life coaching podcasts. Being an audible blog, it should be treated the same way in which you would communicate through your website blog. Simply decide which topics I.E. stress management tips, etc you want to talk about, write a script and record. It’s as simple as that.


Consumers are moving more towards mobile devices. Even search engines are giving mobile priority and changing their algorithms. Mobile devices make it easier to access, listen and download podcasts on the go.


As a business, you need to focus on reaching your target audience through mobile platforms. Podcasts can help you grow your life coaching business the easy way.


Podcast – How To Install a Gas Hob (And Discussing The Difference Between Propane And Patio Gas)


Are you a gas engineer trainee? Check out this podcast that explains step-by-step how to install a gas hob. Save up to 50% on your electricity bill by replacing your electric hob with gas.

Please don’t install this yourself, contact registered gas installers in the northern suburbs of Cape Town instead.

You’d also need a gas certificate (COC) once your gas hob is installed. Make sure to get that from your gas installer as well.

Read more about LPG gas here.

Leak Detection Podcast Discussing Underground Water Line Leak Detectors

Leak Detection Cape Town got some marketing ideas from this Pipeliners Podcast. Listen to this 33-minute podcast discussing underground water line leak detectors, the benefits thereof and who you should choose.

Note that you could keep the podcast under an hour for your plumbing business as well, there is no need to talk for hours. Ensure to upload your podcast to a reputable company such as apple so that you’re seen as an authority and so that potential customers can find your podcast.

Last but not least, always provide as much value as you can in your 30 minute podcast and always give the listeners clear instructions on how they can get hold of your business.

Tree Felling Podcast – How To Stop Illegal Cutting Of Trees

Here’s a podcast of almost an hour-long on how to safely fell big trees. These tree fellers leverage the power of podcasting to showcase to potential customers how difficult it actually is to cut a big tree down.

Tree Felling Services Cape Town don’t recommend doing it yourself for obvious reasons I.E safety, cost, etc. This way they make potential clients realize that they need to use professional tree fellers instead.

Go through it and be creative as to how you can use it for your own tree trimming business.

Floor Tile Installation Podcast – Discussing Can I Put Floor Tiles On The Wall?

Here is a fantastic example of how a tile installer is using a podcast to advertise their home improvement services. They do the same as tilers in Cape Town by providing value first, by giving free tips on how to install floor and wall tiles, and then offer the option to use their tiling contractors to do the job for you. Saving your time, money and frustration.

The podcast is 25 minutes long, it is very interesting to note where tiling originated from! Have a listen to it and see how this tiling contractor is reaching thousands of potential customers with the power of podcasting.

Welcome To Podcast For Makers

This podcast blog is about being a maker and everything it means to be one. PFM seeks out makers of things and celebrates their uniqueness, skill set, and drive. Their stories, the themes that drive them, and the real answers to your questions are found here. Whether in a makerspace or garage or barn, making is the heart of us.

For many small shops, success can simply mean the first customer order, or another order, or a profitable order. Imagine if success is unlocking the door each morning, flipping on the lights, and revving up your machines – these are the signals that a new day is upon you and it will be different. It will be different, exciting, and rewarding because it is your shop; you made it; on your own terms.

All over this great country of ours this same scene plays out every morning. It could be in a one-man shop, or many. The MakerCast Podcast seeks out these shops and celebrates their uniqueness, fortitude, skill, and drive. Their stories, the themes that drive them, and the real answers to your questions are found