braxtonBraxton Wirthlin is a full-time stay-at-home dad and a part-time woodworker. Best known for his YouTube channel, Braxton has a passion for woodturning and a drive to explore new things. Braxton’s path to becoming a YouTube woodworker has its beginnings in a love for the BMX videos of his childhood. Join us as we talk about:

  • Braxton’s love for woodturning
  • Being a stay-at-home dad while building a business
  • His experiences with impostor syndrome


“I don’t feel like a legitimate business. I’m like, I’m just a dude who works out of my garage with a bunch of tools, at night, when I can. But, like, I’ve produced great pieces of furniture and people love ‘em, so I never give myself enough credit. So anybody listening out there, give yourself more credit because you deserve it. And charge more money.”


“I was more or less done riding (BMX) — I couldn’t afford it because I didn’t have any health insurance. So I had all these medical bills and stuff just hanging over me, so I really had to focus on working and making money to pay those.”


“I don’t think I pulled anything from (school) at all. Just welding. The welding class is the only one that I remember. I don’t even remember what the other classes were.”


“Don’t sell yourself short. Charge appropriately for your work. Don’t be afraid to tell people ‘No, I can’t do this for that amount of money.’”


my original SKATECITY video part


Modern Steel and Salvaged Oak Coffee Table


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