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National Robotics League

Bill Padnos and Sarah Brooks share the following about the NRL program: Some students begin in early elementary years with STEM-related activities, and then begin participating in bot battles in middle and high school years. The students learn to work […]

Mark Wasfy

Maker Pride in the Air National Guard In this episode we discuss: Life in military service – Serving in the United States Air National Guard Mark was brought up overseas while his father served as a harbormaster and ran a […]

CARVEsmart Vise Jaws

    Based in Cottage Grove, Minnesota, CARVEsmart is the original quick change milling vise jaw system. The CARVEsmart system is designed for production and tool-room applications replacing the often cumbersome, conventional method of attaching vise jaws to a vise using face mounted […]

Tony Davis

[tweetthis]I just heard @KentuckyKnows has the heart of a #maker [/tweetthis]      Kentucky Knows on Martha Stewart American Made Music: MANUFUTURE by DJ Derk Jickface Voice Intro: Bob Kingsley

Gene Sherman

Gene Sherman’s Vocademy Is An Education Focused Makerspace “America used to have “shop” classes. These were places for makers, inventors, and dreamers. They were a place for those who wanted to use their hands, in addition to their minds. It […]

Drura Parrish

Drura Parrish’s MakeTime Marketplace Enables Distributed Manufacturing If you are among the many makers that are engaged in performing work for-hire on your own machines, or if you are thinking about doing it, you really need to checkout MakeTime. they […]

Carley Eisenberg

From her website: “Carley Eisenberg attended both Rhode Island School of Design and Miami University of Ohio for undergraduate studies. At RISD, she studied all different types of art, focusing on glass blowing and charcoal drawing. After her freshman year, […]

Dan Riley

Blu-Bin is a Retail 3D Printing Company Designers who might have a great idea for a 3-D-printed object, but lack the money to buy a printer with a four-figure price tag, can still get in on the action. Blu-Bin’s army of […]

Jessica Searfino

Be sure to thank Jess for taking the time to be on the show by Tweeting about it here: [tweetthis]I just heard about @jessicasearfino #3dprinting specialist[/tweetthis] Jessica Searfino is a 3D Printing Specialist BIO: “In 2015, she completed her BFA degree […]

Joel Johnson

Be sure to thank Joel for taking the time to be on the show by Tweeting about it here: [tweetthis]I just heard all about the @BoXZYcnc #CNC #3Dprinter #laser [/tweetthis] BoXZY reinvents the definition of a Makerspace – Co-creator Joel Johnson […]