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Donny Carter

Donny Carter is a supervisor for an airport runway maintenance company from Ocean Springs, Mississippi. A part-time maker, Donny spends the majority of his time creating beautiful turnings, primarily using wood. Donny also finds reward in working with resin. Known […]

Keith Decent

Keith Decent is a maker and artist from Beacon, NY, USA. A full-time maker, Keith spends the majority of his time creating furniture, primarily using wood. Keith also finds reward in working with steel. Known for his upcycled creations, Keith shares a passion for […]

Jacklyn Duff

Jacklyn Duff is an engineer from Philadelphia, USA. A full-time maker, Jacklyn spends the majority of her time creating educational content for her YouTube channel, SciJoy. Known for being an engineer, Jacklyn shares her passion for Space, Science, Engineering, and Educational […]

John Grimsmo

John Grimsmo is a knifemaker and machinist from Toronto, Canada. A fulltime maker, John spends the majority of his time creating knives primarily using titanium. John also finds reward in working with stainless steel. Known for knifemaking, John shares a […]

Josh Price

Josh Price is a father, husband, teacher, maker, and content creator. Josh and his family sold their home and moved into an RV, with Josh’s shop occupying a small compartment near the back. He and his family are planning to […]

Sean Rubino

Sean Rubino of is a woodworker and furniture maker known primarily for his YouTube channel SpunjinWorks and his podcast, The Dusty Life. But Sean started out with much different career ambitions. Although woodworking began as a hobby, it has become a […]

Ted Moores and Joan Barrett

Ted Moores and Joan Barrett have been building boats for almost 45 years. At Bear Mountain Boats, Ted and Joan don’t just make canoes. They also help to popularize canoe building among hobbyists all over the world and sell kits […]

Hugo van Schalkwyk

Self-described polymath Hugo van Schalkwyk has been documenting his Maker journey on his YouTube channel, SA-Maker (the SA stands for South Africa). With a day job as a web programmer, Hugo treats his workshop time as a second job — […]

Ty Moser

Ty Moser of MonoLoco Workshop lives a life of exploration. Growing up on a small farm in rural Idaho, Ty learned about fixing what broke and doing what needed to be done. His early education in electronics led to an […]

Frank Ippolito

From the first latex mask he ever made to his work on blockbuster Hollywood movies, makeup and effects artist Frank Ippolito has always known what he wanted to do. These days, he’s a member of the Tested crew with Adam […]