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Father Thomas Bailey

Father Thomas Bailey is a modern renaissance man. A priest and Benedictine monk in the Eastern Orthodox Church, Father Thomas also teaches college, holds a doctorate in history, performs services at his parish — and he’s a woodworker. His YouTube […]

Steve Ramsey

Steve Ramsey believes that woodworking is for everyone. Since 2008, Steve has been creating YouTube videos on his channel, Woodworking For Mere Mortals, where he makes videos that demonstrate how easy and fun woodworking can be. His easygoing presentation and emphasis on […]

Marsh Wildman

Marsh Wildman is the founder of Wildman Tech, a fabrication shop in Sacramento that helps artists integrate technology into their work. A solid educational foundation in the industrial arts helped Marsh to explore his creativity in a wide variety of […]

Amy Davis Roth

Amy Davis Roth wants to take over the world. As the owner of Surly-Ramics, a company that makes ceramic jewelry, Amy has made over 18,000 necklaces by hand over the last ten years. The necklaces are made from her illustrations, […]

Sam Raimondi

Sam Raimondi of the blog DIYHuntress is known for publishing budget-friendly DIY projects that appeal to everyone. After spending her formative years helping her father renovate houses, Sam built a business from her tiny home workshop in Montauk, Long Island. […]

Braxton Wirthlin

Braxton Wirthlin is a full-time stay-at-home dad and a part-time woodworker. Best known for his YouTube channel, Braxton has a passion for woodturning and a drive to explore new things. Braxton’s path to becoming a YouTube woodworker has its beginnings […]

Stuart Bray

Stuart Bray is a makeup effects artist known for his work in television and film. His work has been featured in several well-known movies and television shows, including Saving Private Ryan, Gladiator, Doctor Strange, and Game of Thrones. As a […]

Craig Thibodeau

Woodworker Craig Thibodeau is a maker of fine furniture and a writer for Fine Woodworking Magazine. His work is known for its incorporation of marquetry and other intricate veneering. A mechanical engineer by trade, Craig started a business that failed […]

Kevin Moore

Metallurgist and mineralogist Kevin Moore has taken, by his estimation, “every shop class known to man.” With a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins, Kevin considers shop classes to be the most valuable courses he ever took. Kevin was the host of […]

John Malecki

Custom furniture designer John Malecki makes rustic industrial furniture from his home in Pittsburgh. John draws inspiration from the architecture and history around him. But growing up in Pittsburgh, John wanted to be a football player — and he actually […]