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David Gagné

Self-described BMX kid and hack carpenter David Gagné uses his vivid imagination and colorful background to build all kinds of unique creations. As a fan of punk rock from a blue-collar family, David’s passion for making came from day jobs […]

Jeremy Crawford

West Texas native Jeremy Crawford discovered a passion for teaching while serving in the US Coast Guard. That opportunity ended, but Jeremy wasn’t done with teaching. The search for another creative venue led to the creation of his blog – […]

#MakerCastGiveaway 2016 Wrap Up Show

Thanks to all the great guests of the show. The winner of the giveaway is revealed on this episode – congratulations to Marc Schaefermeyer on winning the big box full of incredible goodies! #MakerCastGiveawayThanks Tony Rouleau – hand plane [machinist, […]

Don Gonzales

Whether it’s saddles, belts, or other leather goods, artist Don Gonzales sells to cowboys, college students, and everyone in between. Don’s business, DG Saddlery, makes high-end custom saddles in Bryan, Texas. With a one year waiting list, Don’s saddles are […]

Cristiana Felgueiras

Cristiana Felgueiras has a unique view of the world. An artist, musician, and maker from Porto, Portugal, Cristiana started making gifts for her parents and sister when she was still a small child. Early on, she recognized her hands-on approach […]

Carl Jacobson

A woodworker for most of his life, Carl Jacobson is best known for his unusual and unique woodturning projects. As part of the YouTube Maker community, Carl says that his channel encourages him to try new things and stretch beyond […]

Tim Sway

Tim Sway is a man of many talents. As a YouTube maker, upcyclist, musician, and host on the Reclaimed Audio Podcast, Tim calls himself a “professional child” who aims to make worthless things into priceless art with a purpose. Tim’s […]

Eric Schimelpfenig

Eric Schimelpfenig is a self-proclaimed expert at not saying no. During a childhood filled with creating, exploring, and breaking, Eric’s grandfather started teaching him how to fix things. When his parents didn’t get him a game console, he instead fixed […]

Katie Jackson

Known for being a woodworking teacher, Katie Jackson started a woodworking career only after graduating from college for painting and education. Her creative spirit and drive to empower others led her to woodworking education targeting at-risk girls and young women. […]

Jared Hildabrant

  Jared Hildabrant is an electrician by day and a Maker by night. Growing up in a tight-knit blue-collar community, Jared remembers a world where every home had a small workshop out of necessity. He became an electrician only after […]