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Sarah Cooley

Growing up in New York, Sarah Cooley found her entrepreneurial spirit out of nowhere. Sarah is the founder and CEO of Simply Curated, a maker of boutique hand-poured soy candles in elegant glass containers modeled on vintage barware. After a […]

Andy Birkey

Andy Birkey takes pride in being known for the “weirdness” of his work. A life-long maker, Andy pays his bills doing restoration work on churches and cathedrals. But in the true maker spirit, Andy’s other projects can incorporate reclaimed materials, […]

Jason Harrelson

Jason Harrelson is the founder of Harrelson Trumpets. An experience in college led Jason to question what made one trumpet sound good while another sounded bad. Following that question all the way down the rabbit hole caused Jason to drop […]

Bill Livolsi

Bill Livolsi developed his skills as a writer doing work he didn’t care for. After ten years in the same niche, he began to search for something more than just a paycheck. In the last year, Bill has reinvented himself, connected […]

Laura Kampf

Laura Kampf is an artist and Maker from Cologne, Germany. Through her popular YouTube channel, Laura shares projects spanning a number of disciplines, insight on making as a career, and her impeccable taste in music — all beautifully filmed thanks […]

Ben Tseitlin

Tech startups and chocolate don’t seem like they have anything in common; but Ben Tseitlin, an entrepreneur and educator, uses chocolate as a way to introduce people to making. His company Benchic Chocolate offers hands-on classes in the Los Angeles […]

Bill Fienup

Bill Fienup started his career in product development while still a student in grade school. Though his perpetual motion machines were doomed to failure, they sparked a lifelong passion for product development that persisted throughout his life. Now, as president […]

Mike Merzke

As a soldier in the US Army, Mike Merzke found himself making rudimentary furniture for his fellow soldiers while deployed to Iraq. His making hobby made life a little more comfortable for the soldiers away from home. Now, as Mike […]

Tim Molinaro

Tim Molinaro is a content creator and engineer. In his spare time, he runs Into the Dirtshop, a channel devoted to both making things and fixing things. With a passion for trash picking and working with reclaimed materials, Tim also […]

Izzy Swan

Izzy Swan is an incredibly prolific person. Between furniture design, a truly prolific array of YouTube videos, and spending time with his children, Izzy still considers himself “as retired as he’s going to get.” Izzy found success by forging his own […]