DyamiDyami Plotke is the cohost of the Modern Woodworkers Association podcast. More than that, Dyami spends his free time making beautiful furniture and creative objects. In this episode, we discuss where he found his inspiration to get started in carpentry, and how that developed into a passion for woodworking. We discuss the growing attraction of makerspaces and sharing shop space for socializing and learning together.

Dyami’s love of woodworking and making in general began while working with his Dad on the restoration and renovation of the family’s 100-year-old house. Standing back at the end of the day and reflecting on what they had built taught him of the pride that only comes from creating something tangible from your own two (2) hands.

When Dyami bought a house of his own this pride in creating manifested through more home improvement. Then he lost his shop for three (3) years due to it becoming the nursery for his twin sons. He replaced actual building with reading about building and his focus moved from carpentry to furniture. As soon he was back in a shop he jumped head first into furniture.

Furniture making lead to the 2009 Woodworking in America conference. Spending time with others talking about woodworking lead to the woodworking community and the joy that is spending time with other woodworkers.

With fellow founding members Chris Adkins and Tom Iovino, Dyami started the Modern Woodworkers Association (MWA) to build on that sense of community. Understanding that woodworking is a solitary hobby and knowing the excitement and enthusiasm that comes from spending time with others woodworkers, the MWA was founded to foster the connection between woodworkers both online and in person.

Now, beside recording the fortnightly MWA podcast there, Dyami spends his time in his shop furthering his affection for the sculpted form and a newfound enchantment with skateboard making. He also blogs about woodworking at

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Big Win: Lill’s Quilt Rack5

Inspiration for Creation: Attending conventions for the social aspect of the craft

Inspiration for Youth: Get kids interested in a small project so they can celebrate a small win.

Excited About the Future: Making chairs

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