frank-howarthWoodworker and stay-at-home dad Frank Howarth is known for his beautiful YouTube videos and the impeccable quality of his work. Frank grew up in Honolulu thinking he would become a scientist like his father, but ended up becoming an architect and spending 15 years in that profession before making the switch to woodworking full-time. His intricate projects are complimented by a relaxing pace and a talent for stop-motion photography. Join us as we talk about:

  • Experiencing the analog-to-digital switchover firsthand
  • Finding the perfect fit by finding yourself
  • The “thousand little failures” in every project


“I’ve realized how different the education is from the profession. I mean, vastly different. We learned theory and art in school, and you don’t learn really how to work with people. And really, the profession is about managing people. It’s about working with other people.”


“I guess, for me, I wish I’d had a couple of years kind of finding myself. I used to always kind of sneer at that, but I feel a little bit like I decided and jumped in to what I was going to do a little too quickly.”


“If you’re young and people are saying ‘You should go do this or that because you’re good at art, or you’re good at math, or you’re good with language or something, what you also have to ask is,  go and find someone who does that and find out what they’re doing at 10:00 on a Tuesday. Like at a really fine scale, what is it that they actually do all day?”


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  • Robs Appelman

    Awesome interview. Thanks for sharing.