Frank IppolitoFrom the first latex mask he ever made to his work on blockbuster Hollywood movies, makeup and effects artist Frank Ippolito has always known what he wanted to do. These days, he’s a member of the Tested crew with Adam Savage, and co-hosts a podcast called CreatureGeek. He has also appeared on the SyFy channel series “Face Off.” Frank’s career is an object lesson in what can happen when you follow your passion. Join us as we talk to Frank about:

  • Learning to take chances
  • Finding his passion early and channeling it into a career
  • The value of the creative FX community in southern California
  • Working on Star Wars with his creative idols


“Me and a buddy got a VHS tape of how to make a latex mask, and watched it like eighty million times, and got some clay and got some plaster, and spent a while sculpting it. That’s probably one of the earliest things I remember making.”


“And once you realize that that can be a job, and that is something that people do, I don’t think I ever really thought about much else. I mean, I was a kid, I was an idiot, so I didn’t really think about a job or how to make a living. I was just thinking about what was fun. And making monsters was fun and riding dirt bikes was fun.”


“I was never, like, a good student. I think I graduated with like a 2.7 or something like that. And because I wasn’t really great in traditional academic school, it was actually my art teacher who suggested i go into like vocational classes.”


“I’m sure that no matter what you do, you’re gonna What-If yourself to death. I wish that I knew more technical drawing. I wish that I learned CAD. I wish I knew more engineering.”


“Too many people are afraid of failing. Or afraid of saying ‘Hey, I failed’ or ‘Hey, this isn’t for me.’ I think that’s one of the things I learned early on, it’s totally okay to screw something up. It’s totally okay to make a bad decision. Like, there’s not a whole lot of things you can not undo.”

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