Freddy Roman is a Maker, Restorer, and Craftsman from Littleton, Massachusetts.
A full-time maker, Freddy spends the majority of his time creating furniture, primarily using wood, but Freddy also finds reward in working with fabric.

“Simplicity” by Freddy Roman

Known for being a craftsman, Freddy shares a passion for his craft and wants to educate others about how to properly restore and refinish furniture, and finishing in general.

Freddy Roman wishes not only to go beyond the basics in woodworking and repair, but he wishes also to inspire others to not to be intimidated in making or repairing, because “Its just wood and it grows on trees”.

You can find Freddy Roman the most active on Instagram
You can also find him on Facebook
Lastly, be sure to visit periodcraftsmen.com

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  • mattv

    This was a great interview. Freddy, the stories you shared about your life and how you worked while focusing on your goals should be heard by kids that are making decisions for their future.