hugo vsSelf-described polymath Hugo van Schalkwyk has been documenting his Maker journey on his YouTube channel, SA-Maker (the SA stands for South Africa). With a day job as a web programmer, Hugo treats his workshop time as a second job — but he gets to be his own client and make whatever he wants. Join us as we talk to Hugo about:

  • Fixing things with his father
  • The joy of doing whatever you want
  • The drive to learn new things all the time


“The failure’s gonna happen, but this is a part of your education. You’re gonna have to find a way to go through that failure and continue on.”

I’ve been going out and learning new things and then putting it on line and showing people what I’ve done.”

“if you cross-pollinate and go to different arts, watch a movie, go to something that is not in your field of expertise, you’ll find that ideas will cross-pollinate and be flowing through all sorts of inspirations.”

“I don’t do a hobby like a couple hours here or there. To me, it’s like a second job. But it’s a job where I don’t have to stand in line for a client and do what he wants to. I can do what I want to.”

“When I went to school, we had woodworking and art and math. But in the school that I went to, I couldn’t take all three of them. And those were the three areas where I really wanted to do stuff.”

“The need to start building part time came back. Because I wasn’t doing this full-on design that required this immense amount of creativity from me, that creativity needed an outlet somewhere else. So I started to do that part-time again. And then the whole thing started to build up and build up and led me to where I’m currently at.”

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