Jacklyn Duff is an engineer from Philadelphia, USA. A full-time maker, Jacklyn spends the majority of her time creating educational content for her YouTube channel, SciJoyKnown for being an engineer, Jacklyn shares her passion for Space, Science, Engineering, and Educational Outreach and wants to educate others about the awesomeness of science and engineering — and her life-long dream is to go to Mars.



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  • M. ThatOneNebula

    First time on here (website) and I just got hit with a brick of knowledge!!! This is the best post I’ve read in a cool minute. (I’m a fellow female space loving engineer- (STILL an undergraduate)) I look forward to learning from her YouTube channel. 🤘I turned on my notifications on my phone for this.

    OH man!!! I’m super stoked. Now to go back to prototyping my accelerometer and PPG sensors.