Jenny Bower is a Hand-Engraver from Traverse City, Michigan, USA.
A part-time maker, Jenny spends the majority of her time engraving on tools or unusual items, primarily using brass.
Jenny sometimes also works with Steel.
Known for being an Hand-Engraver, Jenny shares a passion for classic cars, learning about other handcrafts, and making things.
Jenny wants to educate others about the importance of keeping handcraft alive and thriving. Perhaps one day Jenny will teach engraving, but she isn’t quite ready to start that yet.

Jenny’s long-term ambition is to I have an ambition to broaden her horizons with metal work. She would love to try metalshaping and blacksmithing someday.
Jenny Bower wishes not only to inspire others to try new things even if it seems a little intimidating, but also to inspire others to support other makers and buy handcrafted items.

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  • Paul Meyette

    A great listen, she’s very talented. I follow her on Instagram.