John Viviani is a Automobile Restoration Tech from Birmingham, AL.

A full-time maker, John spends the majority of his time creating replicas of missing items, primarily using wood and metal. He shares a passion for history and wants to educate others about our past and it’s importance to the future. John was interviewed in a Motorweek video from about 7 years ago while working on a Lotus 17.

John’s long-term ambition is to always expand his knowledge. He wishes people not only to do what makes them happy, but also to inspire others to to take chances.

You can find John Viviani the most active on Facebook

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Lastly, be sure to visit jlewisdesigns.com or nodrivinggloves.com

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  • ThomasOSB

    I’m a little behind in the episodes, but I’m catching up. And I must say this one with John was particularly fascinating. What a collection of things he has been able to work on! It was great hearing the stories.