John Welch is a Continuous Improvement Manager performing CNC programming and CAD design from Lowell, Massachusetts. A part-time maker, John spends the majority of his time creating kitchenware, primarily using wood. John also finds reward in working with brass. John shares a passion for too many things – but cooking and listening to audiobooks is at the top of the list and he wants to educate others about the fact that woodworking can have a very low barrier to entry. Depending on your goals, it can be very affordable to get started.
John Welch enjoys projects such as woodworking, welding, and machining.  John’s long-term ambition is to build a Factory Five Daytona Coupe. John wishes not only to live an anti-disposable lifestyle, purchase with intent and make with intent, but also he wishes to inspire others to “work for your dreams, in most instances the only thing preventing you from achieving them is yourself.”
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