Josh Price is a father, husband, teacher, maker, and content creator. Josh and his family sold their home and moved into an RV, with Josh’s shop occupying a small compartment near the back. He and his family are planning to travel around the United States, visiting different maker spaces and workshops so that Josh can open his own community workspace when the trip is over. Join us as we talk about:

  • The minimalism of putting a family of five in an RV
  • Putting a woodshop in a space the size of a closet
  • His journey as a Maker


“homeschool kids don’t have shop class, so I figured I could be that shop class.”

“according to tradition, I was doing everything right. She had her big house in the fancy neighborhood with the gate, and I was like ‘why do you want to leave this to go live some hobo life?’”

“It’s a tiny space. You have to be efficient with function and you have to be efficient with design. It’s kind of fun.”

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