kevinMetallurgist and mineralogist Kevin Moore has taken, by his estimation, “every shop class known to man.” With a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins, Kevin considers shop classes to be the most valuable courses he ever took. Kevin was the host of “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” on Science Channel, a former staff scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, is a certified weld inspector, and builds motorcycles on the side. Join us as we talk to Kevin about:

  • Going to college on a wrestling scholarship
  • Blending academic knowledge and trade skills
  • How he ended up on television

“There is an issue in our country that these things are going to the wayside. They’re not cool, they’re not hip, they’re not important – and they’re not being funded. And that’s sad.”


“We can’t actually fix our own things. If something breaks, we just buy a new one. And that’s just not good.”

“There’s nothing better than making something ourself. There’s nothing better than building it ourself. And there’s nothing more gratifying than using our hands.”

“You don’t always have to do it yourself, but you have to be informed. You have to have an understanding of what’s going on. And so I always see it as a balance. Yes. I fix a lot of things around my house. Some things I don’t because I don’t have the time. But I always use my understanding to determine whether I’m being told something or I’m being shoveled something.”

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