MarshMarsh Wildman is the founder of Wildman Tech, a fabrication shop in Sacramento that helps artists integrate technology into their work. A solid educational foundation in the industrial arts helped Marsh to explore his creativity in a wide variety of jobs spanning all aspects of making, including a YouTube channel. Our conversation with Marsh covers many areas of his colorful life, so join us as we talk to Marsh about:

  • The foundational role of industrial arts education in his life
  • Hacking on bicycles as a child
  • The growth of the new Industrial Arts via the Maker movement and Makerspaces
  • His time in the army


“We had the most awesome industrial arts program there. They had a complete woodshop, a complete metal shop including a foundry, sheet metal, welding, then they had an electronics shop and a drafting shop. You were there for six semesters, and in the six semesters you would go through the four aspects of industrial arts.”


“My friends and I, we were always tinkering with stuff. We had the electronics semester in the industrial arts program in junior high, and that took us towards HAM radio, and electronics, computers were pretty new then – we would hang out at the Radio Shack and there were people there who were building computers from scratch!”


“The Maker community is very supportive of one another. A very helpful group. You know, I’ve reached out to some pretty notable names in the Maker and machinist online communities with questions of various kinds, and these folks have no problem writing you back and engaging in conversation, they’ll give you the benefit of their knowledge and help you out in any way they can.”


“Most folks’ biggest issue is they don’t know what they don’t know. I know what I don’t know!”


“Whatever you can conceive and believe, you can achieve, right?”

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