samSam Raimondi of the blog DIYHuntress is known for publishing budget-friendly DIY projects that appeal to everyone. After spending her formative years helping her father renovate houses, Sam built a business from her tiny home workshop in Montauk, Long Island. Over time, the business evolved into a flourishing blog, where she highlights budget-friendly DIY and home improvement projects that anyone can do. Join us as we talk to Sam about:

  • How she got involved in sign work
  • Working renovation jobs with her father through high school
  • Learning to be a ‘true professional’
  • The idea of failure


“I’ve always been a hustler. I’ve always had that hustle mentality, because I grew up in a family that worked super hard for what we had, and I’ve always appreciated the value of a dollar.”


“[My dad] looked at me, and he handed me a hammer and a gallon of paint, and he said ‘Alright. Let’s get to work.’ And I spent the summer helping him essentially flip the basement apartment in this house, to prep it so the landlord could then rent it. And I had a blast.”


“You can see the before and after. Like, you can see that you made an impact on something, and that impact is going to affect someone somehow. And that was just really so rewarding.”


“I think the most valuable thing that I really learned from him is: you never really know your potential until you’re willing to make mistakes. For him, if I would make a cut too short, he would never get mad at me. He would always say, ‘it’s fine, we’ll go pick up another piece of trim.’ Or if I laid a tile down wrong, he’d say ‘it’s fine. Just pick it up and we’ll replace it.’”


“The idea of failing, the idea of giving up, it’s really in your mind. It’s just the way you look at things.”

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