Sean Rubino of is a woodworker and furniture maker known primarily for his YouTube channel SpunjinWorks and his podcast, The Dusty Life. But Sean started out with much different career ambitions. Although woodworking began as a hobby, it has become a way for Sean to connect with his son. Join us as we talk about:

  • Finding his path in life
  • Leaving a teaching position to be a stay-at-home dad
  • Falling down the YouTube rabbit hole and taking the plunge himself
  • What exactly is a “spunjin”

“My dad, he was a dentist, and he would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up. And I would tell him I wanted to be an artist. And he probably thought to himself, ‘Oh great. He’s gonna be broke.’”

“I used to tinker with Legos and TinkerToys all the time. But I was the kid who would never deviate from the plans. From the kit. If I was ever given a bag of Legos, just random bricks, I would look at them and go “I really don’t know what to do with these.”

“And she would say ‘Okay, here’s your work for the day. Do it.’ And then she’d leave. And then I’d go outside and go fishing.”

“You don’t always have to follow in your grandfather’s footsteps or your father’s footsteps. You can do what makes you happy.”

“I would say that teaching these days is more along the lines of being a manager rather than an instructor.”

“It’s very hard to really make money just on YouTube. You have to have hundreds of thousands of views a day to really make money on YouTube. And then you have the sponsor deals and sponsored videos and, if you’re into the making community, tool deals — getting sponsorships from other tool companies — but you have to spread yourself out.”

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  • matalobos

    Sean, Jon great episode. I knew of Sean’s woodworking through The Dusty Life but it hit me right in the gut when he starts talking about his daughter. I wasn’t prepared for that. Good work guys!