Steve Ramsey

SteveSteve Ramsey believes that woodworking is for everyone. Since 2008, Steve has been creating YouTube videos on his channel, Woodworking For Mere Mortals, where he makes videos that demonstrate how easy and fun woodworking can be. His easygoing presentation and emphasis on simple projects put beginners at ease. Join us as we talk to Steve about:

  • His early experiences in Making
  • How he developed his presentation style
  • What led him to YouTube in the first place
  • Why he leaves his mistakes in the video


“The key is to establish a focus of what it is you’re trying to do, so that when people watch you channel they kind of know what to expect — they know what it is you’re all about and what your mission is and your goals are. I think when people watch Woodworking for Mere Mortals, they just know the types of projects I’m gonna do. And many some people have outgrown Woodworking for Mere Mortals and moved on to higher-end woodworking, but they know it’s always still going to be there.”


“Doing weekly woodworking projects, even if you’re not shooting video, if you do a project every week, you’re going to get really fast at woodworking. I have just worked out super efficient ways of working that I can crank out projects really fast. I know that ten years ago, it would have taken me five times as long to make the projects I make now.”


“Most people are barely making a living at woodworking. I don’t make a living at woodworking at all. I would never be able to. For one thing, I’m just not good enough.”


“With every video that I shoot, I always keep in mind that there are people watching this who don’t know anything about woodworking — and this may be the very first video that they’ve seen about woodworking. So I always try to keep information in every video for the absolute newcomer.”

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“You know, taking things apart, you can usually figure out how they work. And then if you can figure out how they work, it’s usually not that difficult to figure out what’s wrong with them.”

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