stuart-brayStuart Bray is a makeup effects artist known for his work in television and film. His work has been featured in several well-known movies and television shows, including Saving Private Ryan, Gladiator, Doctor Strange, and Game of Thrones. As a practical effects artist working in the film industry, Stuart has a unique perspective on the business and how practical effects and digital effects work together — and how each technology has a place. Join us as we talk about:

  • His early experience with project-based learning
  • His love of monsters and horrible things
  • The importance of trying things out
  • Teaching the next generation of FX artists

“When things go wrong, it’s because there is a thing that you did or you didn’t do, that you shouldn’t have done or should have done. And if you can find out what that is, and you aren’t so damaged by your mistakes, you can come back and do it again.”

This appliance is made from silicone with a cap plastic barrier.

This appliance is made from silicone with a cap plastic barrier.

“The mindset between problem solving and creating things, digitally or practically, are very very similar.”

Jimmy Vee during makeup for Harry Potter 1

[Re: digital effects] “I think a lot of people worry that it’s going to just come in like an unwanted aunt and take over everything, and it’s not necessarily going to be like that.”

Taken at the UMAExpo 2015 by Nadine Attzs. Taken during application. Makeup sculpted, moulded, cast and applied by Stuart Bray. Hair and assistant makeup application by Julie-Ann Ryan and teeth by Jonathan J Joslin. Eyebrows punched into appliance by Patrick 'Patch' Carracedo Barbet.

“The fact that they carried on shooting with this neck on, as if he wasn’t wearing anything, meant that no one could see the prosthetic – it was completely realistic. And I remember being very very excited about that as a thing, because that is basically the ultimate dream – if you can put a piece of rubber on someone and no one knows what you’ve done.”


Connect with Stuart:

“Battles with Bits of Rubber” Podcast




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