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Ben Brandt

Ben Brandt is a Software engineer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. A part-time maker, Ben spends the majority of his time creating just about anything with mechanical or moving components or interesting geometry, primarily using wood. Ben also finds reward in working […]

Bryan Bales

Bryan Bales is a maker from Weymouth, Massachusetts. A part-time maker, Bryan spends the majority of his time creating custom drums and percussion instruments, primarily using wood. Bryan also finds reward in working with everything and anything else. Bryan shares […]

Wes Swain

Known for his nostalgic video game-inspired builds, Wes Swain grew up watching his grandfather work as a gunsmith. Wes learned electronics and technology over a series of jobs, starting with four years as an aviation electronics specialist in the US […]

Carl Jacobson

A woodworker for most of his life, Carl Jacobson is best known for his unusual and unique woodturning projects. As part of the YouTube Maker community, Carl says that his channel encourages him to try new things and stretch beyond […]

Eric Schimelpfenig

Eric Schimelpfenig is a self-proclaimed expert at not saying no. During a childhood filled with creating, exploring, and breaking, Eric’s grandfather started teaching him how to fix things. When his parents didn’t get him a game console, he instead fixed […]

Will Holman

Will Holman is a maker and furniture designer with big ideas. His book, “Guerilla Furniture Design,” comes from a lifetime of living the nomadic lifestyle, often leaving belongings behind when moving from place to place. He is also an architect […]