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Rebecca DeGroot

Rebecca DeGroot is a high school art teacher from Houston, Texas. A parttime maker, Rebecca spends the majority of her time creating sculpture, primarily using wood. Rebecca also finds reward in working with clay. Known for being an high school […]

Josh Price

Josh Price is a father, husband, teacher, maker, and content creator. Josh and his family sold their home and moved into an RV, with Josh’s shop occupying a small compartment near the back. He and his family are planning to […]

Marsh Wildman

Marsh Wildman is the founder of Wildman Tech, a fabrication shop in Sacramento that helps artists integrate technology into their work. A solid educational foundation in the industrial arts helped Marsh to explore his creativity in a wide variety of […]

Craig Thibodeau

Woodworker Craig Thibodeau is a maker of fine furniture and a writer for Fine Woodworking Magazine. His work is known for its incorporation of marquetry and other intricate veneering. A mechanical engineer by trade, Craig started a business that failed […]

Wes Swain

Known for his nostalgic video game-inspired builds, Wes Swain grew up watching his grandfather work as a gunsmith. Wes learned electronics and technology over a series of jobs, starting with four years as an aviation electronics specialist in the US […]

Cristiana Felgueiras

Cristiana Felgueiras has a unique view of the world. An artist, musician, and maker from Porto, Portugal, Cristiana started making gifts for her parents and sister when she was still a small child. Early on, she recognized her hands-on approach […]

Carl Jacobson

A woodworker for most of his life, Carl Jacobson is best known for his unusual and unique woodturning projects. As part of the YouTube Maker community, Carl says that his channel encourages him to try new things and stretch beyond […]

Tim Sway

Tim Sway is a man of many talents. As a YouTube maker, upcyclist, musician, and host on the Reclaimed Audio Podcast, Tim calls himself a “professional child” who aims to make worthless things into priceless art with a purpose. Tim’s […]

Jared Hildabrant

  Jared Hildabrant is an electrician by day and a Maker by night. Growing up in a tight-knit blue-collar community, Jared remembers a world where every home had a small workshop out of necessity. He became an electrician only after […]

Sarah Cooley

Growing up in New York, Sarah Cooley found her entrepreneurial spirit out of nowhere. Sarah is the founder and CEO of Simply Curated, a maker of boutique hand-poured soy candles in elegant glass containers modeled on vintage barware. After a […]