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Josh Price

Josh Price is a father, husband, teacher, maker, and content creator. Josh and his family sold their home and moved into an RV, with Josh’s shop occupying a small compartment near the back. He and his family are planning to […]

Marsh Wildman

Marsh Wildman is the founder of Wildman Tech, a fabrication shop in Sacramento that helps artists integrate technology into their work. A solid educational foundation in the industrial arts helped Marsh to explore his creativity in a wide variety of […]

Eric Schimelpfenig

Eric Schimelpfenig is a self-proclaimed expert at not saying no. During a childhood filled with creating, exploring, and breaking, Eric’s grandfather started teaching him how to fix things. When his parents didn’t get him a game console, he instead fixed […]

Katie Jackson

Known for being a woodworking teacher, Katie Jackson started a woodworking career only after graduating from college for painting and education. Her creative spirit and drive to empower others led her to woodworking education targeting at-risk girls and young women. […]

Bill Fienup

Bill Fienup started his career in product development while still a student in grade school. Though his perpetual motion machines were doomed to failure, they sparked a lifelong passion for product development that persisted throughout his life. Now, as president […]

Will Holman

Will Holman is a maker and furniture designer with big ideas. His book, “Guerilla Furniture Design,” comes from a lifetime of living the nomadic lifestyle, often leaving belongings behind when moving from place to place. He is also an architect […]

Callye Keen

Callye Keen is a product designer with a long manufacturing history and over 200 products under his belt. Coming from a family background in low-volume, high-precision manufacturing, Callye now runs Red Blue Collective, a group that aims to help hardware […]

Zach Kaplan

Zach’s official bio as published by Inventables: Zach Kaplan is the founder and CEO of InventablesTM, the hardware store for designers. The company is attempting to bring manufacturing from the factory to the desktop making it as accessible as desktop […]

Jimmy DiResta

If any one person deserves the title of Maker, it is Jimmy DiResta. Jimmy began making in grade school and continued throughout his life. Whether it’s signs, toys, or magic tricks, making things is all Jimmy has ever done to […]

Jesse Hughson

Jesse Hughson – Maker of Circus and Entertainment Equipment Listen in to hear how an idea for a product has turned Jesse’s life from part time, to professional maker. A maker of “Cyr Wheels” (shown here), Jesse has carved out […]