Ty Moser

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ty moserTy Moser of MonoLoco Workshop lives a life of exploration. Growing up on a small farm in rural Idaho, Ty learned about fixing what broke and doing what needed to be done. His early education in electronics led to an interest in all things computer. Now, when he’s not working in high-level IT, Ty is a Maker of whatever needs to be made – from fine furniture to cast pen blanks to a hand-made steel fence around his home in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Listen in as we talk to Ty about:

  • Learning the value of hard work at a young age
  • The value of making things you can hold in your hands
  • His foray into blogging and how it led to content creation on YouTube


“I think that’s a really common thing with anybody that really has an IT job — they work all day and they come home and they’re exhausted just from using their brain all day, but they don’t have anything to show for it.”


“It was always fun driving around town — even now, when I go back, I can drive around and point out house after house, like ‘I helped build that; my dad built that.’”


“My electronics teacher … he just constantly ingrained into everyone ‘if you’re gonna do it, do it right.’”


“I would have gladly given up pre-calculus and gone to take a welding class.”


“When you grow up on a farm, when something breaks, you fix it. When something needs done, you do it. So that’s kinda just how I grew up and how I expected life to be.”

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