Understanding Blackjack – Terminology

Blackjack is much easier to understand if you have a good grasp of the terminology. Blackjack is one of the better table games to play because the house typically has a smaller advantage than it does with other table games. It can be confusing to play if you don’t know what all the different jargon means, though. This guide is intended to give you a good understanding of the game’s terminology.

  • Hit – This means that you want to have another card dealt with you. To signal the dealer that you would like to have another card, you can say “hit” when the dealer gets to your position, but you must also signal that you want another card by tapping your free credit casino cards when they are lying on the table. If the cards are in your hand, you can lightly scrape the bottom edge of the cards on the table in a sort of “come here” motion. Verbal-only calls for a hit are not typically accepted in casino games due to the need for overhead security cameras to have an accurate record of the game in case of any disputed plays. If you hit and the total of your cards goes over 21, this is called a “bust,” and you are out of the game for the duration of the hand.
  • Stand – If you’re satisfied with the total of your cards, you can choose to “stand” with the hand you have. When you decide to stand, you can signal this to the dealer by holding your hand out over the cards and moving it in a side-to-side motion (almost like your hand is saying “no”). You can also slide your cards under the bet in front of you to signal a stand.
  • Double down – If your hand totals 10 or 11 after the initial deal, you can choose to “double down” by doubling your initial bet and receiving only one more card from the dealer, no matter what that card turns out to be. Signal a double down by placing an equal chip amount next to your initial bet. Some singapore online casino free credit require you to turn your cards face-up in order to make sure you have 10 or 11 points in your hand; others allow a double down on any hand, regardless of how many points the original two cards add up to.

Keep an eye out for part 2 of this guide to understanding Blackjack terminology.